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The Fine Line

My name is Alexa M. I have stumbled upon some information summing up to the equivalent of knowledge synonimous with God. I feel obligated to get this message out there to other people by sharing these findings. Please try not to ignore the most important issues you could ever face in this lifetime. This involves everyone including yourself. I cannot go into much detail about it all at this time. First off, I will state that I am a mature 41 year old woman whom has had numerous psychic and paranormal experiences as a young child and ever since. Some of these experiences that have been shared with others manufacture similar perceptions of reality. So aside from psychic phenomenon I have many times been affected by plenty of different types of external intelligent agents relating to what other people may term as ghosts, demons or angels for example.

As I already well know one of these stories are hard enough to believe for some, much less the totality of my life story. I do what I can to try to enlighten people to other areas of different aspects of life. I share my experiences and do research involving these matters. My experience with these paranormal incidents are completely real and true according to the best of my recollections and within the ways with which I am able to express myself.

"The First Rose"... Ultimately, I have well learned that by following step-by-step directions humans have the ability to find out almost any information past, present and future. I know that God would like for us to seek to know him better and in so doing we will understand ourselves and other people around us so much better, as we were created in his image. Psychic gifts are our greatest gifts inherited from God. So, this is also the Devils biggest deception against humankind. And thus, his power over human beings. This represents a fine line. Nothing is all black and white here there is alot of gray. The Devil can influence people in all kinds of ways including forcing extra sensory perception on someone of whom was not previously on that pyschic level. Satan can and does murder human beings directly and indirectly under the right circumstances.

One excellent example of this is the story of Anneliese Michel. There is a movie that was based upon her true story entitle the "Exorcism of Emily Rose". We can all learn from her experiences. Everyone in the world should watch it and be aware that these things are real and they do happen. There are ways to prove good and evil to everyone as the truth cannot change, it just simply has not been done effectively as of yet. Particulary, out of general lack of respect of research, fear of the unknown and ignorance. For instance, there is a vast amount of documentation on demonic possession dating back to ?. Anyone who were to research the subject would find that there are many similar and patterns of demonic possession. It is good to know what is going on around you to a certain extent in order to better protect yourself. This also is true when you are seeking to better yourself. Believing in God helps because God is as real as much as is the Devil and as we all are. God seems to have the most power in other planes of existence. It is wise to stive and obey God's cosmic laws of the Universe when trying to achieve a higher union of your conscious and super-conscious mind. Ultimately, the seeds of knowledge of past, present and future that lie within the aka threads of the akashic records of all time and space can be found through this union especially using more of your brain capacity in explanation, your super-conscious mind. A perfect example of someone who as, for the most part, successfully mastered this realm of awareness with his unique method would be the sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. There are volumes of books involving his predictions and more.

Equally important are remote viewing and soul travel, all of which as some people know do happen in the real world. Even certain government organizations employ some of these uses training employees with their special techniques, and much more. One example of much more would be psychic warfare. This is what finally brings me to explain in just a few words how theoretically we could all potentially change destiny for all. Look around you. Is everything as it should be? Would you even necessarily know? The correct answer is no. God does not make all of our choices. Using this power we can diagnose and find cures for disease and illness and we can find God ourselves in each other and solve many of life's problems as best we can. We can reach the fullest potential our species is meant to and in so doing recapture the lost language of nature truest to every fiber of our beings.

Here is what propelled me to write this manifesto. I have had lots of successful life experiences finding out almost any information past, present and future. This usually has occurred when I have been in bed with someone and I will be thinking of a question in my mind and they will answer me out aloud. I have several varied techniques mastered in getting yes or no as well as detailed answers from the sleeping person beside me. I first did this about twenty years ago. Unfortunately, it is such a long story I would much prefer to tell it from beginning to end which I eventually will somehow do.

I have also discovered that people react to things before they happen. Therefore whatever happens in our future effects us at all times. Consider the magnitude of all I am divulging to you here. This is the most valuable aspect of anyones life that there could ever be. It basically already exists within us all anyway. We all have to make some choices. Everybody's decisions really do matter, we all count. I really hope that all I am attempting to communicate will fall into the right hands and hearts so that anyone else who cares about what to do in this crucial situation can perhaps can attempt to do something good with it. At best, we can work as a team to better the world, each other and ourselves. I would and might die for my cause. I care about people, the earth and animals... we are all connected. I didn't know of a way to safely come forward with this insight so I thought this venue might be a start.

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